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Developed in DEÜ Teknopark in İzmir and woven with a solution that increases the heat efficiency and prolongs its time, the smart fabric that emits heat with low energy is being tested in a wide range of automotive from the defense industry.
Developed in Dokuz Eylül University Technology Development Zone (DEPARK), heat emitting smart fabric attracted the attention of domestic and foreign investors with its ability to give 5-6 hours temperature with rechargeable battery.

İltema company, which is working on the development of new generation high-tech materials, has achieved successful results in the works it started in 2012 with the support of TUBITAK on heating technologies.
The technology, which provides high heat efficiency by using low energy, has become the reason of choice with its features that surpass its counterparts in the USA and South Korea.

Developing the first high-heat technology that can be applied directly to the yarn “, the company patented the smart fabric from blanket to tent, from vest to bed, and applied it to almost all products that needed heat.


Prepol explained that they use 7.5 volt rechargeable batteries to provide the same heat in the areas where there is no energy source, “The fabric we designed as vests, sleeping bags and tents can give heat between 35-40 degrees for 5-6 hours with 7.5 volt battery. but we aim for a comfortable temperature without sweating. ” said.

In product-related University of Hamburg were doing partnership agreement with officials of a faculty member, PREPOL explaining that they produce vests for use by divers team in the German army. ”Laboratory tests were successful. Now you will be retried in the North Sea. We think we can make an order agreement next month. The defense industry in Turkey We have prepared a sample for the two companies that produce for. We are going to the trial phase, we hope to use as soon as possible. ” he said.