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Izmir’s scientist Mustafa Erol’s heat-emitting fabric attracted great interest from different sectors around the world.

Mustafa Erol, a PhD Professor at Dokuz Eylül University, wrote a dissertation in 2011 to complete his PhD. The fabric, which can emit heat for a long time at low voltage, has attracted the attention of various industries around the world.

As an alternative to heating on fabric developed with resistance wires, Erol develops flexible, heat-resistant fibers that are resistant to corrosion (oxidation) and breakage, while consuming less energy than its counterparts developed in the USA and South Korea, and providing heat for longer periods.
Mustafa Erol, who won the Technology Award from the Elginkan Foundation with this work, established the company named İltema with his partner Ayhan Prepol, with the support of TÜBİTAK to test the fabric over different materials and enter the world market.

After the last year’s introduction to the fabric that completed the patent process, interest and demand came from all over the world.